2020UK is a group seeking a new form of governance where cooperation replaces conflict. Party politics have served this nation for many years but the world has become more complex and large international companies have as much if not more power than many governments including our own. Is it possible that a new grouping which takes the best from all political persuasions working together is the way forward for the UK? That is just one of the questions we are asking. As far as we know we are the only group that concerns itself with governance (as opposed to governing) and has no associations at all with any political party. Further details of this concept behind the ABOUT US tab.

Our web site is designed to be one on which people can leave their views and where they can take part in what is at the heart of 2020UK – debate which we hope will lead to something worthwhile and important.

Click on BLOGS and you have access to our daily blogs. Our three resident bloggers are Lucy Brown, Michael Cronogue and Rodney Willett. In addition we have two regular guest bloggers – Joanne Cannon and David Haley – as well as a number of guest bloggers. If you would like to become one of our bloggers, please send us a message. There is a contact form behind the CONTACT US tab.

When people read a daily newspaper, they tend to have certain writers that interest them. Accordingly there is a page where our writers are listed and from which you can access all the articles they have written together with a selection of their blogs. As with blogs, if you would like to become one of our writers, please send us a message using our contact form.

All blogs and articles are tagged. You will find a tag cloud to the right on every page. Just click on whatever subject is of interest to you see what has been said about it. If you prefer you can use the search box at the top of this page to find what you want.

The DEBATE tab takes you to a list of subjects we are presently debating. Unlike the blogs and articles these are single subject debates which focus on a specific proposal which we are testing. The fact that a proposal is being debated does not indicate that anyone is suggesting that the proposal is right – simply that it is an idea that is worth exploring.

Blogs and articles and debates are only of value if you comment on them. It is the inter-action of ideas that are needed if 2020UK is to be of any lasting value.

Finally there is the SUPPORTERS’ AREA. In order to access this area you do need to register with us. Registration is free and you make no commitment when you register. As time goes on we hope to organise events for supporters. Details will be found on the Supporters’ Page.

Recent Content Added to 2020UK

Totnes: home to the homeless?

December 10th, 2012 by in Blog, Welfare, WILLETT, Rodney

Totnes has been in the news lately on two counts as recorded here by Lucy Brown recently. As it happens I am writing this in Rumour, a bistro on the south side of Totnes’ High Street. The Methodist Church, in … Continue reading

Autumn Statement round-up

December 5th, 2012 by in Blog, BROWN, Lucy, Government, UK politics

As ever, following a serious financial statement from George Osborne every pundit on the internet has decided to join in and critique his Autumn Statement. I refuse to join them – but I will provide links to some of the … Continue reading

Post Leveson

December 4th, 2012 by in Blog, WILLETT, Rodney

Yesterday I stated that I believed that two of the basic foundation stones of a free nation are freedom of speech and a free press and I went on to explain why I cannot agree with the press being gagged … Continue reading

Press, power and politics

December 3rd, 2012 by in Blog, WILLETT, Rodney

This, I fear, could well turn out to be a rant. In fact, I am certain that it will. This is all down to one of my passionate beliefs: two of the basic foundation stones of a free nation are … Continue reading

Homelessness is back in the news

November 30th, 2012 by in Blog, BROWN, Lucy, Society

While the big items in the news are the Leveson Report and the by-election surprises (good for UKIP, bad for the Lib Dems), something else caught my eye yesterday. A homeless man in Totnes is to be given a street … Continue reading